David J Mela – Professional history

Following my retirement from Unilever in June 2019, I have remained professionally active, and am available as an independent expert for advisory and consultancy roles which can benefit from my combination of research expertise and commercial experience.

I followed a PhD in nutrition (Penn State, 1985) with an academic research career in the US (Monell Chemical Senses Center) and UK (Institute of Food Research) before joining Unilever in 1998. This background provided experience with a wide diversity of topics in nutrition, reflected in over 100 professional publications, mainly in the areas of sensory perception and food choice, appetite and eating behaviour, and energy and macronutrient metabolism. As a team manager and senior scientist in Unilever, my work focused on innovation research in eating behaviour, weight control and metabolic health, also providing scientific guidance on related business, technical and regulatory issues, and representing the company on various external academic, advisory and trade groups. Professional roles independent of this include membership of the UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition [SACN] since 2005 and the UK Research Excellence Framework 2014 and 2021 panels. I am a Registered Nutritionist and Fellow of the Association for Nutrition.